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Instant visibility for your Linux systems using VMware AppDefense

VMware AppDefense provide security to your datacenter endpoints. In order to secure your datacenter applications AppDefense requires guest module installation to start getting network & process attestation information from the servers. We have separate guest modules for Windows & Linux systems and the way they are delivered for installation. However, for Linux systems it is super easy to start getting the visibility inside your Linux systems using AppDefense for your Infrastructure & Security administrators. For Linux systems AppDefense guest module package can be installed on the fly without requiring any reboot of the servers.

A problem what we have seen is how to scale the deployment for the large Linux environment which do not have any provisioning tools like Puppet, etc. in their environment. To overcome this, I have written a script which fetches the Linux OS flavor information and accordingly configures the repository on them to get the package installed on multiple systems.


You must verify the following components on the virtual machine before the actual installation. The AppDefense solution works with Guest Introspection for VMwareNSX (VMware open-source product) to provide a network attestation service.

Ensure that the guest virtual machine (VM) has:

  • A supported version of Linux is installed.
  • iptables
  • Verify glib 2
  • Internet access on the servers to connect to VMware package repository to download the packages
  • You must have Administrator credentials to connect to your vCenter
  • You must have ‘root’ account credentials to the Guest OS of all the Virtual Machines you will define.
  • A csv/txt file with the list of VMs on which module has to be installed


This script will prompt for vCenter name where VMs reside followed by administrator credentials. Post that it asks for input file location and root credential of the Linux servers. Once script has been successfully executed you can notice AppDefense vCenter plugin will start showing the process & network attestation information providing instant visibility in to your Linux systems. Smiley Happy


This project is open source and can be edited to your desire. Thus, VMware and its employees are not responsible for any modifications made to this script or any unexpected behavior that should result from the running of this script.

Please ensure you completely understand the functions this script performs and run against test machines first to ensure proper functionality.

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