packaging Chrome 102 with Appvolume 2111 issue

Hi guys

I am faced with an issue

- appvolume manager 2111

- appvolume agent 2111

- windows 10 20h2 with latest update

- Google chrome 102.0.5005.115  (X64)


I have tried to update the chrome enterprise from version 100 to the latest version 102.0.5005.115 in an existing package, but at the end of installation, when I want to run the program, I get the message “this program is not compatible with the version of Windows “ and when I check the program in Control panel, the version showing : 68.227.16499 !

I have also tried to update via the interface (help about google chrome) but this time, I get another message: the application has failed to start because its sid-by-sid configuration is incorrect. If I repair the installation, I go back to the first case!!

 I have also tried to install this version of chrome in the empty package, same issue.

Any idea?

Many thanks

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