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Win11 with vTPM and Appvol


Want share hopefully good knowledge!? anyway, have an Horizon environment version 2212 planning now to use Win11 22H2 with vTPM. 

The problem i had is the application is not delivery to VDI, is timing out (in windows from the agent) and from vCenter could i see in Tasks: Reconfigure virtual machine -  Permission to perform this operation was denied 

So my next step in troubleshoot was to logon as service account in vCenter and manual add disk to a VDI to see if that works, indeed it works to add and also disable vTPM om Win11 to test and then it works for appvol to delivery application to VDI.  

The permissions i have for appvol service account are those that are documented in Appvol to vCenter, now have i found one permission that needed to get it to works which is "Cryptographic operations.Add disk" but that not explain way i could add disk manual to VDI before i add "Cryptographic operations.Add disk" to appvol role?!


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