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Visio/Access 2016 AppStacks, multiple issues with AV 2.15


I have used AppVol for a few years but am spinning up a brand new implementation for a different company.  We are starting from scratch with AppVol 2.15.  Our default golden master VM has Office 2016 on it (not click to run, but the full local version that uses KMS).  When we try to create AppStacks for either Visio, or Access, both of them when pushed to the VM cause two things to happen.

First a popup appears (sometimes):


Then, when running the application (such as MS Access), the Office setup launches and runs for a few minutes, then fails.


Failure message:


Everything we are doing is stock with 2.15, and we are using our standard installation package that we use with physical machines (which also use the same image we are using for our golden master for VDI) & SCCM which works fine.  We are using Writable Volumes as well, but doesn't seem to be related to the issue as I've tested with users that do not have a Writable Volume and we get the same errors.  I know there have been a lot of fixes with AppVol since 2.12 with Office 2016, so I figured 2.15 would just work.

I thought I'd check here to see who has had this issue or are there things we need to tweak for Office 2016 apps to work with AppStacks , still?

Thanks in advance.

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