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Registry not saved in HKLM after log-off while App Volume Packages are attached.



I have created a whole stack of App volumes, I noticed that while Assigning some of them to user I have issues with Exporting some registry values with a Log-Off trigger because App volume service is stopping before the export.


That means that I want to export some registry values from this path:  "MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Printers".

When user is logging off, registry that has been created by him are vanished and come back while they are logged on.

It seems that there is an App volume Package that taking control over this registry path..

I also tried to exclude this registry with Snapvol.cfg under %SVAgent%\Agent\Config\Custom & Default & App.

I literally tried everything I saw online, One more scenario that I noticed - that i don't really need to log-off, even stopping AppVolume service can recreate this issue.



My question is: 


There is any way to exclude this area from being intervened by Any kind of app volumes packages I have created before?


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