Recommendations when using App Volumes with Persona??

We are currently deploying a Horizon View 6.1 environment for a client and are looking for recommendations and best practices when using App Volumes and Persona together.

The current plan is below:

  • User profiles will be managed by VMWare Persona on Local Desktops and VDI Desktops
  • Applications in VDI will be managed via App Volumes
  • Applications on user Desktops/Laptops will be managed vial Mirage

The idea is to move from personal to Immidio Flex Profiles once released by VMWare.

Are there any items to take into account or watch out for in this configuration?

should certain directories or registry keys be excluded/included as part of the persona rules?

We plan on roaming the AppData\Local folder cause issues (we want to back up office configuration settings as well as data stored for other applications)?

also should we preload any files or folders?

thank you.

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We are fighting the appdata\local headache right now.

During our Proof of Concept we tried redirecting it and enabling cached Exchange Mailboxes...

This lead to corruption of appdata\local for exchange and caused a lot of additional work.

Do many go ahead and roam Appdata\Local to persona drives, if so do they stick with online vs cached for exchange?

appdata\local is our biggest headache keeping us from fully floating desktops.

We are in a similar approach as you guys with App Volumes, Persona Management.

Very curious on success and details imbidio may offer over persona management.

Writable Volumes we have not had any luck with since we leverage persona management for everything else.

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We currently use Persona and AV with no issues so far. Just make sure you don't use Persona with a writable volume as it is not supported and it will cause issues. However, I did hear that the next release will support Persona and WV together.

Good luck

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