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OST and Windows Search on Writable volumes causes empty start menu

I'm pretty new to App Volumes and hope I'm missing something simple.  I've opened an SR on this but am still waiting a call back.  We are standing up a new Horizon environment in VMware Cloud on AWS.  On prem we redirect OST files and have Windows search turned off.  For VMC I followed this guide App Volumes and OST files. | Age Roskam  to create a writable volume for users and direct the OST and Windows Search indexes there.  The OST is redirected and I assume the search too.

The problem however is that the start menus is almost blank.  The only 2 shortcuts there are "Settings" and "Search".  If a user logs in without the writable volume attached the start menu looks just like the golden image.  If I remove the writable volume from the user the start menu returns to normal.

Version details:

Win10 1809 LTSC
Horizon 7.7

App Volumes 2.15

UEM 9.6

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