New 4.2 / 2009 Snapvol.cfg locations / Changes question .

Hi - just looking for some confirmations if anyone has time .. ty.

So it appears as of 4.2 that snapvol.cfg exclusions are now on the GI ..yes ?.. which is cool and makes things way easier .

However like almost all vmware apps the Docs are kinda horrible imo .

It appears if i want to add an exclusion to the default i need to create a Custom folder ?

Thus heres the default folder :


What i did was create Custom here :

\CloudVolumes\Agent\Config\Custom .. is that correct ?... i dont see 100% precisely in the docs Where to create the custom folder.. just that its under Agent .

I basically just want to add Cylance Exclusions... for some stupid reason vmware has many other antiviruses prepopulated in the default snapvol.cfg just not cylance :p.

Also - does anyone know what the snapvol.cfg located at the Root of Default is for ?.... do i need one in the custom ?

I just have the same folders in custom as there are in DEfault..

I also just have the added Exclusions in the custom snapvol.cfg.. and not the whole default file Plus the new exclusions .

Anyone know of a way to TEST if the exclusions are actually taking place ?

thanks .. sorry for the 20 questions .

The policy files and scripts must be created in the Custom folder, which resides in the App Volumes Agent installation folder. Customization of any policy and script files are applicable to all attached volumes.

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Hi @Douglas42Adams 

You are correct about the Custom folder. You need to create that folder under <installation folder>\Agent\Config\ so you get <installation folder>\Agent\Config\Custom

In there you can create an empty snapvol.cfg and add your specific exclusions. Those will be merged with the exclusions in the Default config folder, so you don't need to copy over the default.

The article you mentioned is the correct one. It says you can create different subfolders for specific use cases:

  • Custom\snapvol.cfg ==> will apply to all kinds of appvolumes (appstacks, writable volumes, ...)
  • Custom\system\snapvol.cfg ==> will only apply to writable volumes, not to regular appstacks
  • Custom\provisioning\snapvol.cfg ==> will only be applied during application provisioning (so this will have to be on you packaging machine then)
  • Custom\app\snapvol.cfg ==> will only apply to appstacks, not to writable volumes.

So you can probably set your exclusions in Custom\snapvol.cfg so it applies to all appvolumes, unless you specifically need to limit to writable volumes or appstacks only.



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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Thank you for your feedback.  We have refreshed the App Volumes 4, version 2103 documentation with updated guidance around snapvol.cfg and other policy and batch file information.

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we work to improve the documentation.

Jeff Ulatoski
Product Line Manager, App Volumes
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