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Install 2 standalone appvol managers.

We are running Horizon 8 in our test environment, with 1 appvolume manager.
Horizon 8 environment is located in 2 cities, each city with their own vcenters and connection servers. These are connected with NFS share(just for copying)

We have now installed the second appvolume manager, in city 2, so if the connection between the cities goes down, we are still able to run for our end users.

When i deploy new clients in Horizon in city 2, i just see a few of them in the new appvol manager. Not all as i expected. Why?

I have also configured the registry with Manager2 which points to new appvol manager.
1. Manager1: appvolmanager1:443
2. Manager2: appvolmanager2:443

But i do not really get this to work properly since i do not see all clients in appvolume manager - directory\computers
With similar configuration, why do I not see the machines in the new manager?

Both managers are in the same domain...


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