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How to decide which apps to virtualize or keep in master image?

We are in the initial stage of implementing App Volumes to our Production environment. I've successfully deployed one app in an appstack. Now I'm in planning mode, trying to decide which apps I want to leave in the master image and which apps I want to put in an appstack.

Looking for any info or links on guidance/best practices concerning which apps to put where. For instance, one of my co-workers suggested that we put apps that need to be patched frequently in an appstack, like Java, Adobe Reader, Chrome, Firefox. My concern there is that everyone uses those apps, so that would mean the appstacks are attached to 100% of the virtual desktops. (We have about 170 VDI users.) Sounds like performance issues to me, but maybe not? What's your experience?

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It all depends on your own preference.

I would suggest installing Office and all middle ware in the golden image (middle ware being the .Net framework, VC Redists, JRE and flash and stuff like that).

Looking at applications like Chrome and Adobe Reader. We decided to add them into the GI, you could potentially add all these applications in one appstack, it wont harm your performance that much but it all depends on your own preference. Because we always update the GI every month due to Windows Patches we then also update the applications that are installed in the golden image.

Eventually you will need to decide for yourself what you would like to install in GI and what in an appstack.