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How can I edit a writable volumes template before attaching to users

Appvolumes 2.16

Horizon 7.8

UEM 9.6

We're currently running into some issues with auto activation's within our env with Office 365. Our writable volumes hold the OST info for all users in a standard template.

I need to make changes to the snapvol.cfg file per writable volume that will resolve some issues we're having. Is there an easier way of editing the exclusions in the snapvol.cfg file so that everyone can get the changes with a new template or do I need to manually make the changes on everyone's volume?

Is there a way to edit or create a new template?

Thank you.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

You can edit the existing template by attaching the template to a VM and modify it that way. I would recommend creating a new custom template rather than modifying the original.

You can follow this KB for that: VMware Knowledge Base