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Hanging software

Hi All,

I've got a weird issue going on and I'm stumped.  I'm hoping someone on here might have heard of something similar and be able to give me a starting point on how to solve it!

Users have a Java Web App running, with a Macfarlane "soft phone" component within it.  That works fine, until the PC locks itself, or is locked manually.  After unlocking the PC, the Web App is working OK but the "soft phone" component has hung.  Users have to exit the main Application and launch it again.

What's most odd for me, is that it is the underlying Window 7 PC that locks, the linked clone session doesn't actually do anything and is just sitting there.

How can the PC running the Horizon Client, being locked, affect the virtual session?

Also posted in the Horizon View forum

Horizon Client 5.4.3 Appvol Manager 2.18 Appvol Client 2.18.6 UEM 9.10
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