Drive mapping at boot time

OK - not too sure if this is an App Volumes thing or something else.

We have drive mapping on login for H=Home - so My Documents.  This is currently by the AD profile, but we have other drives mapped by GPO and some by UEM

Now when a user has a card reader plugged in, on start up, Windows sees this first and assigns four drive letters to it.  Which can then stop other mappings to these letters.

I'm sure back in the day (DOS, Novell?  Can't recall) there was a system setting to say which letter to use for the first connected device.

Any ideas how we can force specific letters for card readers?  Short of plugging them into the base image and assigning the letters



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We use USBDLM for that purpose.

Do keep in mind to check if the appstacks are not being given these drive letters. In version 2.9 and below the appstacks were still given a drive letter and it was removed afterwards.

From 2.10 and upwards I believe that this process has changed and now the appstacks is attached as a mountpoint without giving it a drive letter.

And this has got nothing to do with Appvolumes for as far as I know, it's more of a case of when what setting is being processed.

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