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Device Driver not found

Horizon View: 6.01

App Volumes: 2.10

Windows GI: Win 7 SP1 x64, basic software (Office 2013, Adobe Reader...)

Endpoint Client: Win7 ThinPC, Client 3.5

Good Day

Im currently testing App Volumes. I would like to deploy an Appstack with the Software IBM-Simkey.

I guess its pretty unknown. Basically its a bunch of Drivers for Measure Instruments, Thickness, Weight...

If you click on a Hardware button on the device, the actual measured value (for example 55mm) is sent to the computer and displaied in the software and paste the value at the actual cursor position (like a copy paste).

When I install the software on my appvolumes deploy machine, I can install the software without any issue.

The only "problem" which occurs during the setup is the "Windows Driver unsigned" alert:

Example picture from the net:


After this, the devices which are attached via USB are recognized correctly.

The Software works as expected.

If assign the stack to a user, the devices are not recognized.

The device is redirected and visible in the computer mgmt console.

If i install the driver manually the software works as expected.

So i guess the computer doesnt trust the driver in the stack and is unable to use it for the device.

If im right its more than a Windows issue...but maybe appvol has problem with the redirection of the device or something like that.

For my understanding appvolumes supports the deployment of device drivers and it should work as expected.

Greetings & Thank you very much for your time for reading my issue

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That app might need to be put into the base image. I have had issues with drivers specifically. Different vendors (layering that is) handle drivers differently, but there is something about the windows drivers store that is not easy to layer. Unidesk does it (my apps used to work in it) but I haven't tried it in LWL.  You should probably just look to putting the software in the image though.

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App volumes should support drivers, I had cases that I get it to work, but I have to make sure the usb mapping stays the same(still looking into this) or else the machine doesn't scan for the drivers when the device is detected and device seats in the device manager without drivers, them manually pointing to the drivers and it works fine.

tried this, install direct view connection agent on app volume capture machine, connect from a test machine(with usb device attached), start capture, install and test software, them finish the capture, after that assign app stack to a vm, and connect with the same test machine(with usb device attached) and see if the application works.


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