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is there any scenarios for a disaster recovery plan using appstack and writable volume ?


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This has to be the 1 million dollar question Smiley Happy

We are also looking into this and at this point are looking at a solution were we use our storage to sync the writable volumes from one place to another. Because the Appstacks are static i would copy them to all datastores available so you can actually HA them there. At this point we haven't really found a good disaster recovery plan for the writable volumes and appstacks tbh. You could try and use VEEAM backup to backup the files but they are then bloated to full disks (depending on your storage).

I would suggest backing up the Appvolumes database though. If the manager crashes you can simply use the database to get the manager up and running again.. Can be done in a few minutes..

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VMware Employee

Hello Christophe,

Nice Options Ray_Handles .For writables and Appstacks you can also try a San Level backup as well but that would be a lot of downtime I can understand that.I would really try to explore more options and update the thread again.

For The appVolumes Manager you can actually install AppVolumes on a different machine and pointing to the same Database.That can act as a Failover.

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I am curious about this myself. We currently use SAN snapshots and replication but we are probably going to switch to vCloud Air DRaaS. I don't see any way to backup AppVols with cloud DR besides simply protecting the manager VM.

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