Attaching multiple appstacks to rdsh vm's - doesn't work without restart of appvol service on vm

Hi all,

Figured I would post this and save someone else time that may have the same issue.

App Volumes Manger ver. 2.13.2

Problem: Attaching appstacks to RDSH pool vm's by OU not user.  We could not attach more than a single appstack to an RDSH host or Linked Clone (for that matter) unless we restarted the vm or more specifically the client appvol service on the vm.

Solution: Opened support ticket and worked with Kiran (he is excellent by the way), Kiran worked with VMware's development team, they found the same behavior in their testing lab.

Long story short they fixed the issue (I wasn't given any reason what the actual problem was), they released a patch next release 2.13.3.  Whatever they found, they fixed with this release.

Hope this helps someone else.

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