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Attaching AppVolume to Machine with Word Plugin causes saving to break...

So, I'm having a weird issue with an evaluation of AppVolumes 2.6.

Background: I am running vSphere 6.0 and Horizon View 6.1.  I have a Persistent Desktop Pool of Linked Clones.  In the master image, I have the shared activation version of Office 2013 from Office 365 and a plugin for Construction Specification Writing called Masterworks.  This plugin integrates into word and allows for editing of default specifications and managing for a specific construction project..

The Issue: When you log into that desktop, everything works great (you do get a macro warning that the extensions for Masterworks are blocked based on the security settings, but it only degrades the functionality of the plugin and is fixable).  As soon as you add any appvolume (writable or appstack), those applications in the volume work great.  The issue is that once an app volume based volume is attached, you cannot browse (to save), save, or save as in Word... Uninstalling the plugin in the Gold Master and redeploying the desktops and everything works great... Any thoughts???  The odd part here is that the app volume shouldn't have anything that even interacts with word (it contains Autodesk Software which contain no Office integration pieces)... A newly provisioned writable volume (and no appstack) seems to do the same thing as well.

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