Appvol upgrade 2.15 to 2.18 new appstack or update appstack client disconnect issue

Was wondering if anyone experience any disconnect issues during Windows login screen after you update a 2.15 appstack to 2.18 and assigning it to a user? Basically, when I use the latest Horizon Client (Blast, PcoIP) and HTML I see the windows spinning wheel for a second and then it freezes and it disconnects after 15-30 seconds.It happens on both client and web. The session is active on the connection server but I just can't connect to it with the client or web. I'm actually able to resume the session when I login to Vsphere Console and coincidentally I can login with the client when I change display protocol to RDP.

I then created a new 2.18 appstack and assigned it to the same two test users and everything worked. I updated the same appstack and it worked but for some reason when I update the same appstack a 3rd time, I experience the same problem.

I tested with the 2.17.1 provisioning agent by first updating the 2.15 appstack and that worked. I then created a new 2.17.1 appstack and updated 3 times and it worked too. I have better luck when I install 2.17.1 agent on the provisioning machine. For whatever reason, HTML, Blast, and PCoip disconnects during login when I either update an update an appstack or create new appstask with the latest agent and I update it 3 times. Really weird issue.

I somehow was able to recreate this on my test environment. I started out with appvolumes 2.15 and upgraded to 2.18 and was able to reproduce the same issue.

Horizon 7.10 (Upgraded from 7.7)

DEM 9.9 (Upgraded from 9.6)

AppVolumes 2.18 (Upgraded from 2.15)

Windows 10 x64 LTSC 1809

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Support recently helped me resolve this issue by disabling the firewall on the provisioning machine.