AppVolumes 4 Maximum of 13 attachments at 14 no attachments/applications get mounted at all

Hi VMWare,

We're having a weird issue when assigning applications thru AppVolumes 4.x.

We have a total of 24 applications/packages.

Attachments are assigned to users with AD Groups.

These AD "Application" groups are assigned to an application in AppVolumes 4 with the MARKER option on.

When i add 13 AD "APPLICATION" groups to my account and login to my Instant-Clone desktop all 13 Applications get attached at login with no problems.

Then i add one 1 more Group en login again not 1 application is mounted ?!?

2 Questions :

1. Is the attachment limit 13 applications or should there "basically" be no limit ?

2. At 14 Attachments not 1 application is available and in de svservice.log it gives me this error:

SendMountConfirmationRequest: Volume mount-confirmation failed. One or more volume(s) will not be mounted.

Please contact your administrator.

My Administrator has no idea how and why this problem happens cause AppVolumes 4 has no attachment limits set, and also with AppVolumes 2 we combined a bunch of applications in to a total of 5 appstacks.

With AppVolumes 4 we were told you can make individual applications and no longer have to combine apps in to a appstack and also have the ability to have more attachments.

This was the whole idea with AppVolumes 4 right ?

Any idea how to fix this so i can add my "grand" total of 24 applications without a problem ?

Kind Regards,


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Review Solved: App Volume 4.x Max Config - VMware Technology Network VMTN for you answer.

For us, we have 2 SCSI adapters per pool so we max out at 28 concurrent attachments (15-1 per adapter).


Hi DA2125 !

thx for sharing the link it was the fix for our problem !

My Network Admin added 2 scsi adapter to a VM and cloned the VM to a new pool with the appvolumes 4 agent.

I was able to mount all my applications 🙂

Took a while tho so he said i dont recommend users get these amounts of applications assigned.

Also good to know the limit of 25 applications.

The hard limit of VMDK disks is based on the limitation of vSphere SCSI controllers which is 60 disks. This number is derived from 4 wide bus controllers with 15 available SCSI IDs for hard drives.  If you reserve one disk for an operating system, that technically leaves 59 disks available for app packages and a writable volume.

Historically for 2.x we tested 5 AppStacks and 1 Writable Volume per login and similarly for App Volumes 4 we test App Volumes at 25 applications and 1 Writable Volume per login, which is probably the guidance our support specialist has quoted you.

Again thx for the reply Da2125 !


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