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AppStacks converts into 0 byte file shortly after login

We have the problem that the installation path of assigned AppStacks convertes themself into 0 byte files. This happens 10 to 30 minutes after the user logs in.

Keepass not working.JPG

If i want to open one file this dialog appear.

Keepass Dialog.JPG

I can browse into the file via cmd and everthing is there.

KeePass cmd.JPG


Some of the appstacks worked but as soon as we assigned other appstacks, every assigned appstack converted into that 0 byte file.

We tried to make new appstacks for the applications and assigned them but that didn't help. 

We tested the faulty ones alone and the issue still exists. When we assign a faulty one with correct working appstacks the issue occurs in all of them. 

We have 3 Images but the problem occurs only in one of them. We rebuilt this image but that didn't change anything.

We use App Volumes Manager Version
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