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AppStacks attaching but not presenting to the C: drive

We have two sites that we running okay until a day or so ago. One site (Site B) is okay and all apps are being presented. However, we are finding that a lot of users at the other site (Site A) are experiencing missing apps from their sessions.

I have checked the snapvolumestemp folder for an affected user and can see that the three volumes are mounted. However, they are not presenting to the C: drive as the application folders.

I have checked in the VMWare App Volumes console and can see that the apps are attached.

This only affects some users at Site A. I have found that I can log on as User A and get all of my apps there. When I sign on as User B at Site A, the application folders are missing. However, I can sign on User B at Site B and the folders will be presented.

Does anyone have any idea what could be happening here?

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