AppStack attached to a user, using a Full VM. Strange behaviour when anything is installed/change in this VM.


after reading the documentation and some posts (quite old) that were referencing also some strange behavior with Appstacks and persistent disks, it is not clear to me if this is a limitation or a misuse of appstacks with persistent disks or full VMs.

In order to optimize the vSAN disk space, we are creating some appstacks with applications that require a huge amount of disk space.

We are assigning these appstacks to users.

Those users are sharing the access to some full VMs.

Sometimes, when a user is working with the VM (and appstack is attached) may require some additional software installation or configuration modification. This is done by remote collaboration, executing changes with admin rights.

It seems that the changes (installation of software, or modifications of Start Menu) are stored in the C:\SVROOT folder, so they are only available for this user (any other user that logs into this VM afterwards is not seeing the new changes). And when a reboot of the VM is done, all changes disappear, for all users.

The only way to install a new software or making a change in this VM, is to log in with a user without any appstack attached, and perform the installation in the "real" folders (program files and programdata).

Does anybody know why app volumes is behaving like this? Is this the expected behavior?

Can the app volumes be used for full vms? Or is it only intended for instant or linked clones?

We are using app volumes

Thanks in advance!


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