App Volumes Writeable with Linked Clone Desktops - Dedicated User Assignment


Our Horizon View Environment:

vCenter 6.0

Horizon View 6.1.1

App Volumes 2.9

I am trying to achieve the following using the above combination of App Volumes Writeable, using Linked Clone Desktops with Dedicated User Assignments, if possible.?

- Users are assigned the same desktop each time they log in to VDI (dedicated user assignment). The preferred  VDI desktop is a linked clone so as to allow for ease of management with windows updates etc.

- Users are (in VMware speak - Power Users) IT Ops staff who have the ability to install applications to the VDI like they would in a regular PC.

I have created a pool of VDIs that are Linked clone and dedicated assignments. I have installed an application that requires a service to start automatically. The program resides in Program Files (x86). It works fine after installation. However, if I log off and have the desktop refresh or recompose the pool the application fails to load / integrate in to the VDI. The services is listed but has no status. The application simply does not appear in C:\Program Files (x86). However, the app volume writeable works and attaches correctly because other applications I have installed to that same writeable volume are loaded correctly.

So it seems an issue with applications that also install and need to run as a service.

Is this a failure of the App Volumes design? Is it an issue with the setup we have?? Is it a bug in the App Volumes version we are using and need to upgrade??


** EDIT **

I have resolved this issue now.

Firstly - kudos to this post by Daniel Bakshi.

This pointed me in the direction of the 'snapvol.cfg' file within the Writeable Volume. Within the file I found the cause of the issue. The application I was having problems with after a re-compose or restart of the VDI was a Symantec product (not AV). Its default installation location was C:\Program Files (x86)\. This location was set as an exclusion in the snapvol.cfg file. If I changed the installation path to remove 'Symantec' from the path the application and Writeable Volumes worked correctly.



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