App Volumes 3.0 - No applications appear under Virtual Desktops ☹

Someone in this beautiful World, Have you ever has run into some Issues related to VMware App Volumes 3.0, recently, such as AppStack Deployment (the place where are located the virtualized Apps on VMware Horizon View)? Due to at the time of make App assigning to one User, the Desktop Pool is not available to show up the Apps.

I’d like to distinguish into VMware App Volumes 3.0, contains App Capture Software, which works pretty similar to ThinApp Software, that in the same way it’s failing at the time of make App assigning to Virtual Desktops. -Only specify that App Volumes 3.0 Agent is installed on the Golden Image for communication to App Volume Manager-.

Until now, unfortunately in the VMware Support there is not enough documentation related to this VMware App Volumes 3.0.

We are stuck here since 3 days ago!  Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance,

Geovani Cruz.

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