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App Volumes 2111 and 2203 - Detach is slow Since I upgraded App Volumes from version 2106

Did anybody notice the below described problem?

Since I upgraded App Volumes to version 2111 (and later to version 2203), I noticed that the detach process for appstacks is a lot slower then before. It takes about 4-5 minutes to detach the appstacks where previously it was a couple of seconds.

In the mean time users are not able to login to a new VDI session  because VMware Horizon still has an active connection for this user.

The attachment phase is fast, only the detach is slow.

The problem occurs on all pools

I am using non-persistent instant clones with floating assignments

I am not using writeable volumes

When reverting to App Volumes Agent 2106, the detach process is fast. The version of the App Volumes Manager does not appear to affect the slow detach.



vCenter 7.03 - build 18778458
ESXi 7.0.1 build 16850804
Horizon 8.4.0 build 19067837
App Volumes Manager 2203 (4.6)
VMware DEM version 10.4.0
VDI: Win10 Enterprise version 21H1


Previously I opened a SR with VMware for this, but it did not go anywhere. 

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