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App Volumes 2.18.4 SVDriver Changes "replicationlevel"

So after upgrading from App Volumes 2.16 to 2.18.4, I have had a couple different issues and have been unable to solve them.    Without getting into too much detail, I have noticed a change in the SVdrvier setting in the registry and am wondering  what this controls and what you are set at with your version of App Volumes in your environment?


After upgrading to 2.18.4, the "replicationlevel" setting was changed from "0" to "1000" as shown below.


Of'course on my image with App volumes 2.16, it is set to "0" and my issues don't exist.

Does anyone know what the replicationlevel setting is designed to do or control and why it changed to "1000" after I upgraded to 2.18.4?

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