App Volume agent error

I have installed App volume Manager in New server and installed agent in my golden image but somehow Connection Error is coming up in client  (Manager server name error code 404): Unable to contact App Volumes Manager. Virtualization is disabled.

I checked couple of articles they are saying if port is mismatch then this error is occuring but both manager and agent ports are same (443). but still the error is occuring.

Help me to find out how to resolve the issue.

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can you cross check whether you are able to resove the appvolume manager from the client machine DNS? Check for the port is opened between the client and manager by telenet.

If the above points looks fine then share the logs for the appvolume manager and client

Referer on how to get the log

VMware Knowledge Base

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This issue haunted me for awhile. Three things resolved this for me.

1. Upgrading to the latest version of App Volumes

2. I had ldap configured to a load balancer VIP. I removed it and reconfigured to to point to domain controllers.

3. Don't force the use 443 during the agent install.

So far I haven't seen the issue in a month or two.

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