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App Vol -- Appstack now requires Administrative rights, but did not in 2.10

We have been using Syngo Plaza on Appvolumes in 2.10 and previous versions without any issues.

After upgrading to 2.13, the application no longer launches unless the user who has the attached stack has admin rights.

I work in a healthcare facility and we only grant admin rights to certain users, generally IT and high level application analysts who require it for troubleshooting and testing.

Is there something I am missing? Changing folder permissions/rights does not seem to resolve the issue.

What is odd is we have this same program installed on the base image/snapshot for our other Desktop pools, and it works fine when the use does not have admin rights -- users only seem to need administrative rights when the application is attached with appvolumes.

(This actually happens for another application as well -- it worked fine in 2.10, but now when attached in 2.13 it cannot run correctly and says it requires elevated rights)

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