Adobe Pro FRL Licensing with VMWare App Volumes Sign-in issues

Anyone has instructions on how to deploy an Adobe Pro version 22 or 23 FRL (Feature Resticted License) Offline mode package using VMWare App Volumes 4.0 on an VMware Horizon View 7 environment with FSLogix for Profiles?

We have created an FRL Offline package containing the License File on the Adobe Admin Console and then created a App Volume Package from the package we downloaded from the Adobe Admin Console.

The issue we're having is that sometimes, not always, and that's why we're puzzeled right now, is that users get prompted to sign-in.

We have tried to installed the Adobe Pro package directly on a VMWare Horizon View VDI machine (i.e., not using the app volume package) and here we have no issue. However, we would like to be able to deploy it using the app volume package to avoid having the Adobe package installed on the VMWare Horizon View Master Image or having the need to create separate desktop pools.

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