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Link to post: (vROPS 8.6 Trail Version vs Licensed version)
by anjanmj


Hi Gurus, I am testing some features for vROPS in my homelab. I have downloaded and installed vROP's 8.6 and trying to install the SNMP and SDDC Health pack. I am following the below vmware document. https://docs.vmware.com/en/Management-Packs-for-vRealize-Operations-Manager/3.2/snmp/GUID-C003BA00-0... Procedure In the menu, click Administration and then in the left pane, click Other Accounts. Click Add Account and then click SNMP Adapter. Configure the adapter instance When i got into the Administration of the vROPs i have installed i don't see the same option of Add account. Is there a feature difference between trial and licensed version for testing? I see the below options under administration. Can anyone guide how to install the SNMP adapter in 8.6 vROPs.   Thanks for the help in advance. Thanks Anjan          

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