Hi everyone   Has anyone tried to use PowerCLI in a PowerShell AWS Lambda?   Thanks Mark
in VMware PowerCLI
Hi All,   I am trying to add NSX license in vSphere 6.7 and facing issue “serial keys are not valid”.   I am using default administrator user which is a part of License administrators group.  … (Show more)
in VMware NSX
We have authentication working for our SSL VPN using our AD servers just fine, but when a users password is expired and NSX asks them to change it, the new password never makes it into their… (Show more)
in VMware NSX
Hi all -   Been working with a dev environment that has both physical hosts and some nested ones I have been testing with.  I have had some issues with NSX-T not installing and so I've had to remove… (Show more)
in VMware NSX
While working on the NSX and network details I get the error 10919 issue. Issues detected with Cluster or ResourcePool resgroup-86. Verify the network… (Show more)
in VMware NSX
Hi all,   Our team currently building a vSAN All Flash Cluster (around 4 nodes) but still in consideration of networking part.   As the requirement for vSAN All Flash network is 10GbE shared or… (Show more)
in VMware vSAN
Problem Description: I have 2 logical  in a datacenters is a cross vcenter environment.The segregation for datacenters is logical but the physical devices(Nexus,servers,firewall) resides on the same… (Show more)
in VMware NSX
I created a Distributed Port Group to link an ESG and a Load Balancer together.  However, in assigning vNICs on those devices to it I hit the bug described in… (Show more)
in VMware NSX
Hi all,   yesterday I updated my vCenter Appliance via the webinterface to (I guess) vCenter Server Appliance embedded build 13843380 (got this information out of snmp). After the last… (Show more)
in VMware vCenter™
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