Unified Access Gateway (UAG) is a virtual appliance that act as a gateway of Horizon and Internal resources.

UAG could be deployed not only on vSphere but on Azure and EC2 of AWS.


The latest deployment scripts is provided as a zip file on the page VMware Unified Access Gateway - My VMware.

In the zip file, we can find script named "uagdeployaz.ps1", this script is for UAG deployment on Azure.

By default, the script does not create UAG with a Managed disk nor associate with an availability set.

(While UAGs for Horizon Cloud on Azure are deployed with Managed disks and associated with availability sets by default...)


I could not find the UAG deployment script used in Horizon Cloud on Azure, so I decided to struggle with the script.

I tried adding some lines to  "uagdeployaz.ps1" and to create a pair of UAG with Managed disks and associate with an availability set.

My example is below.


GitHub - HtYz1380/UAGscripts


If you would like to try above example, please set a value of Availset under [Azure] section like as below.


# Availability Set name 



Hope this would help someone.