Good morning,   /storage/archive is 100% full on a vcenter 6.7 appliance How to free some space on this partition ?
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Hey so i got some new dell servers, R640. They have 4 10gbe interfaces. Two intel and two broadcom.   I cabled up the intel nics and set them up fine. I added to the virtual switch and gave storage… (Show more)
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Help     I have ESXi 6.7 running, after a funny issue with the webportal not working correctly, stuck just before the login screen, I reset the management agents, now all I presented with is 503… (Show more)
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I completed upgrading our vCenter Server appliance to 6.7U3.  After running into a number of issues doing that, I've finally got everything back normal.  The goal was to add new host hardware we… (Show more)
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  hi, i need some help     im using vmware vsphere, and have a virtual server      its network interfaces, are configured to connect at power on (edit settings / network adapter /device status… (Show more)
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Good Day VM Guru's   I just started using ESXi 6 and I created a Windows Server 2012 VM and gave it on a VLAN and I can ping anywhere in my network. I create a CentOS 7 VM and gave it an IP on the… (Show more)
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