VMworld started yesterday for me.  Registration was open, so I took the opportunity to get registered and pick up the welcome kit.  The line for the welcome kit was long, and the event staff had actually stopped the line at one point.  Fortunately, it was a quick wait and candy was delivered in line!  From there I spent a little time learning the Moscone Center and figuring out where everything was.  I ran into some fellow vExperts, after leaving the Moscone, and took a chance to unwind and talk with them.


The start of Day 1 began with a stop by the Social Media and Blogger Lounge, where I saw John Troyer and also got to meet Alex Maier.  From there it was off to the first session of the day - EA7850 "Design, Deploy, and Optimize Microsoft SQL 2008."  The session covered licensing, vSphere capabilities, VM sizing and P2V conversions, best practices for performance, high availability strategies for SQL using different options (MSCS, HA, SQL mirroring) and backups (including a plug for SRM).  This was a good session that covered a lot of ground and it was packed for the duration.  I also left with a few ideas and things to test when I get back.


The next session I attended was MA8030 - "Saving Time with vCenter Orchestrator" and it was a good session, but I'm afraid I just don't understand how Orchestrator is supposed to be used.  It appears to be for 3rd parties or systems integrators.  Another item added to the "to do" list from VMworld.  I did notice that the interface for Orchestrator was being used on Safari, and this has we wondering about the web-based GUI as a standard for VMware products. 


After lunch, it was a long snaking line for EA7849 "Design, Deploy, and Optimize Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 on vSphere."  This was another packed session with people standing along the walls. There was actually a lot of duplicate content from the Microsoft SQL 2008 session earlier, but in all fairness best practices are often



Monday's final session was TA8245 "ESXi Internals: Better Understanding for Better Management and Troubleshooting."  This was labeled as an advanced technical session, and it delivered in that regard. The key point from this session was that if you still use disks to install the ESXi host on and couple this with syslog use, you are in

pretty good shape.  Diskless ESXi hosts definitely have their advantages, but it appears that their use with ESXi will require some additional setup/configuration in comparison to disked hosts.  One final item on the "to do" list is to look into the debug VIB available for ESXi.


The day wrapped up with a stroll around the Solutions Exchange.  It was very crowded and almost impossible to really talk to the vendors.  It was good to see who the vendors are, but those visits will have to be later in the week.  Picked up some more cool buttons for the badge, and typed this up.


Day one is done!  Looking forward to day two!


Thanks for reading,