I have been attempting to upgrade our VCSA from 65. To 6.7 u3 but after the details are entered and next is selected, I am greeted with the following message at the top of the screen:     Failed to… (Show more)
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Dear all,   I have updated some Dell Server successfully to 6.5. But as always, the last server, a Dell R630, has an CONFLICTING:VIBS ERROR (see below). I have contact Dell, with whom I upgraded… (Show more)
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I successfully upgraded VCSA 6.5 U2 to 6.7U3 - (fully patched to date) and everything appears to be fine except the "updates" tab in HTML Works fine in Flex   I have two 6.7 vCenters now (both 6.7… (Show more)
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Has anybody figured out a workaround for installing VCSA from a Catalina (10.15) OSX system?   Once it gets into deploying via ovftool, a bunch of error dialogs pop up about libcurl.4.dylib, etc.… (Show more)
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Can help me for the upgrade drivers VMW-ESX-6.7.0-smartpqi- ? maybe any who can provide tutorials for the installation?   Thanks
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Hello Experts,   I am not able to initialize realtek LAN driver to ESXI 6.7 host. When I apply the command "  esxcli software vib install -d "/vmfs/volumes/datastore1/net.zip"I got dependency Error … (Show more)
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We have four esx v4.0 hosts and a vcenter server on 2003.  Been running 7 years so it's time to retire.   The vm's are already on a new Equalogic iSCSI array.   I know I can't vmotion between the… (Show more)
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Dear Professional, I would like to install vSphere Hypervisor Evaluation Version on my PC, but as I login the download page and try to click the blue button which is for download, the page never… (Show more)
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Hello dear Community, after upgrading my VMware ESXi from 6.7 to 7.00 with the CLI Online Method, all of my VM's are Unusable because the Datastore is missing. I think it has to do with the lsi… (Show more)
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Hi when I try to upgrade I get this error. Is this issue will be fixed once HPE updates the custom image. Appreciate any advise/help 
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During the standard upgrade of 6.7 vSphere to 7.0. Step 1 requires the deployment of a new vSphere instance. All goes through well until the start of the deployment, never reaching past 0% erroring… (Show more)
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