Hi,   We got an alert a long time that was corrected during the initial installation and is still generating alerts. This a bug or does something need to be done?           Finding ID    … (Show more)
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Hi All,   I'm trying to add a new vCenter to Skyline, but am receiving the following error. Both Skyline (2.5.0) and vCenter ( Build 16046470) are brand new, fresh deployments.   I've… (Show more)
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Hello,   I have upgraded my Appliance in the 2.4.0 version in the interface http://xxxxx:5480     but there is Something Strange :   the collector is in "Unknown Collector state", I treid to… (Show more)
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Recently (last week) ditched an old and neglected collector for a shiny new 2.4 collector. It's been running since then, but still no inventory or findings.   The collector is registered, healthy,… (Show more)
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Esxi cannot login Web UI and SSH, management IP ping reply as normal, VMs in Esxi already reachable but disconnected from vCenter, Cannot login web, cannot remote SSH. any ideas please!
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Hello   We had an old org with skyline advisor enabled and collector registered to it. i could see all my findings and recommendations on this org. We recently enabled skyline advisor on a new org,… (Show more)
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Skyline keeps telling me that I need to update Intel drivers that I've confirmed from the shell are already installed. vSphere-PSODigbnPFException14-KB#67686 is the finding. I updated it well over a… (Show more)
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