Hello all, wondering if anyone can assist with a few questions. I recently noticed that when exporting VRNI recommended rules as CSV my VRNI seems to summarize physical machines into the CSV as… (Show more)
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I keep reading that VRNI can be used without NSX and micro-segmentation. In other words it is a good Day 2 Operational tool for VMWare without NSX. We do not have VMware Log Insight. We use Splunk.  … (Show more)
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Hi Members   I am using vRNI api calls for listing the available data sources. I can view/add data sources using GUI but I cant do it with API call. I am getting {"code":401,"message":"HTTP 401… (Show more)
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I was running a trial version of vReaize Network Insight along with NSX. The key expired and I obtained a new one from our VMware Service Provider. When i installed the new key and tried to login i… (Show more)
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Hi, Can I link both NSX T and NSX V to one vCenter and different clusters?
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I have doubt in adding filter. i want to add filter as VM Names using public REST APIs.
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