Hi,   We have 2 UAG behind an F5, After a user successfully logins, they are prompted for their password again after choosing a Pool.  If i remove one of the UAG appliance, the user is not promoted… (Show more)
in VMware Horizon®
Hi, I use VMware Workstation 14. I recently factory-reset my computer. Before that I used Workstation 15. The issue started in 15, and still lasts after I factory-reset my PC and started using 14. It… (Show more)
in Workstation Pro
hi gurus   as you can tell by my previous post, I am still new to this, I have never upgrade horizon but this will be my first, has anyone here have like a step by step process that I can follow ,so… (Show more)
in VMware Horizon®
Hi All,   Running a small Horizon environment, 2 RDS servers (RDS1 and RDS2) and 2 connection servers (1 internal and 1 external).   I am looking for the ability for user settings (that they… (Show more)
in VMware Horizon®
I have a 4 node cluster with esxi 6.7 update 1 and horizon 7.7   When i try to connect to a vm (Windows 7 Pro linked clones with 4vCPU) both with horizon client and DELL zero client P25 the… (Show more)
in VMware Horizon®
Luke Arntz
I've been looking through documentation but haven't yet found a way to use PowerCLI or any other API to control Horizon assignments, sessions, etc via PowerCLI or any REST API.   I haven't seen… (Show more)
in VMware Horizon®
Last night I believe our weekly virus scan lock our root account out and the host is showing disconnected. We found this error "Remoted access for esxi local user account "root" has been locked for… (Show more)
in VMware vCenter™
Hi Community,   I would like to know if any one has done recovery of multiple VMs at remote site, using vSphere Replication, and what are the steps you followed. Assume,  Site A is replicating… (Show more)
in vSphere Replication
Hi, I did reach out to the maintainer, but was wondering if someone else could take a look and hopefully share what I'm missing. The 14 Manually Desktop Pool Information plugin isn't working, and… (Show more)
in VMware PowerCLI
Hi,   Im trying to migrate one user from w7 to w10 using UEM 9.5 and i have problems with that. When i log in the view pool of w10 UEM apply user environment settings but no Personalization… (Show more)
I have two UAG serves and two connection servers all sitting behind Netscaler LBs. Nice setup its all brand new config just starting to put users on it.   I went to do some testing today and notice… (Show more)
in VMware Horizon®
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