Hello, I finished the course: VMware Horizon 7: Install, Configure, Manage Plus App Volumes Fast Track [V7] Can I take the VCP6-DTM exam? In the VCP6-DTM requirements, the version [V7.3] is… (Show more)
Hi All,   I need some clarification around VCP-NV exam. I'm thinking of taking path 2 of the certification as i already hold cisco CCNP.… (Show more)
I have watched all videos in "VCA-DBT Training Modules in VMware Learning Zone". But I failed the exam. (Score is 278) I think there are questions which the training videos don't teach. For… (Show more)
Hello   How are multiple choice questions scored in the 2V0-622 exam: does each separate checkbox score me some points? or do I have to answer all checkboxes corretly to score points on that… (Show more)
Hello All My Friends/Seniors,   I am new to VMWARE and would like to do career in this field.   I am trying to find VMWARE 6.5 foundation course online on VMWARE website but not sure which course… (Show more)
Hi I am currently studying for the Studying for VCA-DBT - 1V0-701 cert. I am following the videos and making notes ETC, I also have the Exam guide which tells you what to focus on and study. Is… (Show more)
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Hi,   I am using VCP6-NV 2v0-641 book by Elver Sena for preparing for my exams.   I don't see any chapters for troubleshooting in this book.   Is this book good for the exam and I should refer… (Show more)
My VCP expires in 2 days, but I passed a test today, but it won't show on the certification portal for 10 days, will it switch to expired until the new one starts?
Before I start, I know, I know, the answer to this will be different for everyone, depending on skills etc. I'm after some opinions, not a definitive answer.....   I currently hold VCP5-DCV and… (Show more)
Hello Guys,   As mentioned in the topic, i currently hold VCP6-DCV expires on 22-May-2019. Moving forward i have a question:   1. Whats happens to my VCP6-DCV after i earn VCP7-DTM   I understand… (Show more)
Hi all,   I've been working on VMware for around 10 years now, way back on 2.5 at the start.   While online training or attending a course would provide some benefit, a lot of it is going to be… (Show more)
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