I am trying to acquire (VCP-NV 2020) during VMware exam. Can I take the exam again (2V0-642) on the exam that ended on June 31st? So, you can't take the 2V0-642 test now?
Hello,   I can't start VMware Horizon Cloud hands-on-lab because of Hello, we are currently making enhancements to this lab to ensure you have a fantastic experience. Sorry for the inconvenience.… (Show more)
in VMware Hands-on Labs
Hi guys I am experiencing after upgrading to 15.5.5 version that if my iMac goes into sleep mode then Fusion suspends the VM. I have tried to fix the problem by adding "suspend.disabled = "TRUE" in… (Show more)
in VMware Fusion® (for Mac)
At the previous WWDC 2020 (June), Apple announced the move away from Intel chips to doing their A12x Bionic ARM based Mac. Since the code would be vastly different, and not rely on x86 architecture… (Show more)
in VMware Fusion® (for Mac)
We are in the processing of adding a new storage array (will retire current production storage once new storage is complete).   Background:   vCenter/ESXi 6.5   We have a few Exchange servers on… (Show more)
in VMware vSphere™
After installing the Text Preview that supports Big Sur, all the Kexts are still asking to load.   How do we get rid of them? I have removed the standard Fusion install but it doesn't clean up… (Show more)
in OSX
Is VMWare snapshot the same as taking a system restore or complete full clone of a VM ?     eg.. it looks like system restore preserves documents and photos, and because of that i'm guessing VMWare… (Show more)
in VMware Fusion® (for Mac)
Tengo el siguiente error al tratar de agregar un vcenter a skyline collector:   Couldn't create collection task to test endpoint. -> java.lang.RuntimeException: Couldn't login the client. ->… (Show more)
in Spanish
Hello,   I have two vCenter Server 6 Essential Licenses (three Hosts, six CPUs each) and two vCenter Servers (one Windows, one vCSA 6.5) using these Licenses. The Hosts all do have their vSphere 6… (Show more)
in VMware vCenter™
Buen día equipo, El cluster cuenta con 7 Servidores HP Model: ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Processor Type: Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6154 CPU @ 3.00GHz Logical Processors: 72 NICs: 6   Los cuales estos… (Show more)
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