Dear VMware engineer,    Recently, I failed to create the virtual machine and migrate the virtual machine on VCSA (, but I can create the virtual machine on ESXI. The error report is as… (Show more)
in vCenter™ Server
The plans are to move to the lastest build of vCenter 6.7.  To do this, our Windows vCenter 6.0u3 servers will be migrated to VCSA 6.7, but there are a few prereqs that need to be taken care of… (Show more)
in vSphere Replication
I registered for a 60 day trial of ESXi 7 but when I try to download the ISO nothing happens. The download never starts. I tried with Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Brave. Please advise.
in vSphere Hypervisor
Hi,   i think the title is preaty clear. We have a vcenter versin 6.7 with multiple host on esxi server 6.7.0. i would like to plan a task to restart a service like ntp on all esx in this vcenter,… (Show more)
in VMware PowerCLI
Hello, esx 5 on a server with storage disk. I added two external nas via nfs. On the one of two nas i can do everything but it's very small. On the other nas i have these important problems… (Show more)
in VMware vSphere™
Hi,   Please help me, how can I validate the free space on the destination datastore before I start the storage vmotion on the VM   $source = "DS03" $destin = "DS39"   Get-Datastore $source |… (Show more)
in VMware PowerCLI
Ciao a tutti, da stamattina mi arriva questo errore da un nodo di un cluster:   Target: srv-vsphere40 Previous Status: Green New Status: Red   Alarm Definition: ([Event alarm expression:… (Show more)
in Italian
Good afternoon all   Been a while since I was last here.  I have an issue at work where we had a network issue that disconnected an ESXi host out of vCenter.  That's been fixed, but when I add the… (Show more)
in vCenter™ Server
We want to expand out datastore on to seperate physical disk....  Knowing you cannot have two Datastores and expand free space of one on another, i deleted the 2nd data store, and "add extend" which… (Show more)
in VMware vSphere™
Just a quick check on the correct steps to update esxi hosts . We have 4 esxi hosts , 3 of them are running NSX controllers . Doing an esxi update i'd like to know if we can shutdown the NSX… (Show more)
in VMware NSX
I have Enterprise Plus licensing. How would I licenses if I'm interested in vRealize?
in vRealize
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