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Hi All


For al those who are seeking for VCAP6 DCV Exam 3VO-622 this Exam Simulator would be a boon for them .


Last week i had seen a blog of Graham B ( ) who was offering a FREE VCAP6-DCV Exam Simulator Lab to practise for Exam 3V0-622 . So i was very much excited and shooted up an  email ( ) with the details which he asked ( Email Id , IP Address and the time slot you are interested based on your Local Time Zone ) . The response was immediate and he sent me all the details how to connect to the RDP of the Lab .


I was ready for the Lab and when i tried to connect  it  was not able to connect and i sent an email to Graham for Support . He is a kind person , he was outside and he came back to home just for me to fix the problem . I was really impressed by his personal support . The issue was fixed and i connected to the RDP with the username and password provided to me .


Displaying rdp to virtualg.JPG


The Speed and performance was good and the initial desktop would look like this with a folder in which you will find a text file with Instructions on how to use the vCenter Server, ESXi Server and the credentials .

There is another text file with aroudn 11 Scenario Lab Questions .


Displaying rdp desktop.JPG


And other files in the Questions Folder are scripts which need to be run as Administrator once you compete the task . This Script will chekc if the Question is Answered correctly and it will give the result PASS or FAIL .

Displaying Q5.JPG

Displaying Q2.JPG



Thats really Cool to see the results .


You can take the simulator as many times you want , the only thing you have to make sure is that slots are available


There are only a few sessions left for this month:


25th November 2016 – Available

26th November 2016 – Available

27th November 2016 – Lab upgrade and additional questions

28th November 2016 – Only 21:30 to 23:30 GMT available

29th November 2016 – Available

30th November 2016 – Available


Just follow the instructions on the blog post to register. VCAP6-DCV Deploy Exam Simulator – FREE – VirtualG.UK


Best of Luck for all those who are preparing for the VCAP6 - DCV Exam .

sadiq1435 Enthusiast

Whats Next in my Career

Posted by sadiq1435 Nov 22, 2016

Hi Guys


Probably this is my first public blog i have written in several years , I am pretty sure about this topic so i selected this and i got this topic from one of the task which i need to complete in . I have been an active participant in CloudCred since 2 years . Its really a wonderful place to keep you active in the field of learning new technologies and i feel more energetic while completing those tasks . I have taken up this challenge of writing blog for the first time . I have been thinking of doing it since long time but didnt get positive energy . But now its a kick start and i will keep writing blogs in the future In Sha Allah .


So coming to the actual topic regarding my career , I have pursued VCP 5 , then upgraded to VCP 5.5 Delta and then upgraded again to VCP 6.  My next milestone is to achieve VCAP 6 Data Center Deployment Exam , even though i had taken this exam once in my VMworld 2016 attendance in Barcelona . I couldnt pass it due to many reasons . i was not properly prepared for the exam and the time was just 3 Hours . Any ways i am going to attend this exam again within 3 Months of time . After VCAP6 Deployment, i will go for VCAP6 Design  and then finally towards VCDX .


Learning new Technology is my passion and i am ready to make investments on it no matter what maybe the outcome . Wish Best of Luck  .


Thanks for reading my first Blog. It may seem to be simple and i didnt keep any pics as i want to keep it simple .

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Online Launch Event

Posted by sadiq1435 Feb 3, 2015

28 Days of February

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