I wonder if somebody can help All of our Esxi servers are out by an hour as far as time is concerned The vsphere web client shows the correct time which is picked up by ntp servers and I have… (Show more)
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Hi, We're in the process of deploying a new installation of NSX-V 6.4.5 on vSphere 6.7 Update 2c. We have gotten NSX linked with vCenter and successfully deployed the controller cluster, but have… (Show more)
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Hi, when running the Get firewall/sections/<section_id>/rules API, some of source/destination/appliedTo objects are prefixed with "default." : the name of the security group is Nsx_AAA but i see it… (Show more)
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Hello,   I am trying to create a new vm without any netwokadapters.    New-VM -Name 'VM1' -vmhost $hostobj -Datastore $dsobj -NumCpu 4 -MemoryMB '2048' -DiskMB '40960'   This works fine as long… (Show more)
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     Every time I attempt to join NSX manager to vCenter I get the following error:     The vCenter has a CA certificate applied and working.  I can ping between the NSX manager and vCenter… (Show more)
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Hi , I would like to create a report in which i would like to retrieve information about VM's from a Data Center , the information on VM should contain   1. The Operating system  2. Name of VM… (Show more)
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Good Day,   I set up a simple NSX-V lab to train for my futur exam. However, I got a problem to communicate my VM and the Edge Services Gateway.   Enclosed, the network diagram.   When the VM… (Show more)
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Hi All,   I have vCenter 6.5 appliance with embedded PSC and NSX 6.4.4 and while i am trying to integrate the lookup service in NSX manager.   I am getting below error: NSX Management Service… (Show more)
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Problem Description: I have 2 logical  in a datacenters is a cross vcenter environment.The segregation for datacenters is logical but the physical devices(Nexus,servers,firewall) resides on the same… (Show more)
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