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Have you ever found this issue running suspended VM in VMWare workstation?





After a VMWare workstation crash when you try to run or resume a  suspended VM could be a apper the above message.

This happens because process VMWare workstation can release the authorization lock to run VM; in fact this problem affect VM which are running before VMWare workstation crash.


To solve this issue simply:

  • Close VMWare workstation
  • run Task Manager and find vmware-vmx.exe process


  • Kill this process and start VMWare workstation again
  • Resume or start VM


In some cases it would be necessary to restart VMWare authorization service, simply doing this steps:
  • Close VMWare workstation

  • run as Administrator services.msc

  • Find process "VMware Authorization Service" and restart it
  • Start VMWare workstation again
  • Resume or start VM