I just sat it yesterday and all I can say is VMware have to sort out the Lag, If I gave a system like that to a customer they would throw it back in my face.   I get a better remote response to my home and I live in the middle of no where with crap internet.

This might be to do with the fact I was an afternoon UK user and struggling with the transcontinental broadband activity with the USA coming online from 1pm to 4pm.  So my advice is if your in the UK get a 9am exam so its done by 12.


This being my first VCAP it was a shock to the system exactly how much they ask you to do.  But when it takes 15-20 seconds to flip between browser tabs and 30 seconds between RDP sessions it becomes frustrating.  I got no disconnects but taking 10+ mins to complete a wizard I know takes 3 Mins is not acceptable in my eyes. At one point i was ready to walk out it was so bad.


The PDF's are gone,  its online HTML docs which is good,  but that doesn't help when the browser and response times are so slow.  you also get access to KB's  but you have to use the VMware KB search and as everyone knows this is useless.


Again as everyone says TIME MANAGEMENT.  3 hours is not a long time and factor in 10-20 mins for the Lag.  And Don't have a coffee before hand,  a trip to the loo is valuable time during the exam.


Someone of my experience was hampered by over thinking. Some questions to me seemed too simple and I actually spent more time on trying to figure out if it was a trick question.


Another thing that threw me is some of the things they ask you to do are already done, Two questions asked me to do something and of course I struggled with the lag to get to the screen to a piece of it only to find that it was done, Again me over thinking probably but annoying that I spent 2 mins struggling to get to that bit for no reason.


You really have to know the product,  not just how to install the system or to create pools,  that's what the VCP is for.  Blueprint is GOD nothing that's not in there is not covered.  and don't be like me and study for a couple of days before hand.  get started weeks before and get a lab built.  I didn't do a lot of practical as I thought i had enough covered in my day job.  I was wrong.


I hope I have passed but if I have it will be well below the standard I set myself.