Monday started off my personal VMworld where I had some labs scheduled so I could have a full schedule of sessions and meeting time that I could fit in on Tuesday - Thursday.  I was one of the few lucky ones that were able to get fully registered in two instructor labs and all the sessions I wanted to take.  This being my second tour at VMworld I had more of a idea what to expect.  For me things seemed to be running smoothly, and areas mapped out pretty well.  I have been reading a lot of complaints on how VMware needs to fix this and that, and while some of those complaints are valid some of those have to fall on the one complaining for not reading all the documentation or looking at the sessions provided beforehand.


The biggest difference between VMworld 08 in Vegas and VMworld 09 in SF is the pure size of the event and the layout.  It seemed like in Vegas the rooms were a lot bigger, and more of those bigger rooms which provided plenty of space for people to get into sessions even if they weren't scheduled for it or at the back of the line for the waitlist.  This year at SF the rooms are quite a bit smaller and the seats are near 100% filled every session and then more sitting against the wall in the back.  Its actually quite annoying because I've managed to have people sit next to me who a) take up way more space then they need, or b) are working/way to attached to the phone where they are taking calls during the sessions. I guess that could suggest why those people couldn't register for sessions because they were filled up already, because they can't really handle everyone in certain sessions.


So onto the conference, Monday which is basically for a small group of developers or the few that got into labs showed some of those first day gitters.  I had two labs scheduled, vSphere New Features, Best of, Advanced Topics and Scripting VI w/ Powershell/Perl. For the vSphere lab my workstation and partner managed to avoid most of the problems but we were unable to fully do a few of the sections that I really wanted to run through.  I knew to expect some pains for the first day with the functions of labs, I just hoped that my scripting lab was going to go smoother since that was the one I really wanted to take.  I took a small break and then headed off to my second lab which was the scripting with powershell.  I managed to go through the lab without many problems, and learned a few cool tricks and scripts that would help me out greatly so I feel I came out ahead on that lab. 


I didn't spend too much time at the solutions exchange the first night just because it was the first day and everyone was running around for all the free tshirts and swag, I did that last year and this year I was going for more of a informational aspect.  I took quite a bit home the first day but the seed was planted that vSphere (ESX4.0) has a stable platform, and also a big performance boost. 


Later if I have the time or the energy I might be able to bust out Tuesday's activities, which was filled with around 6 sessions / presentation along with visiting with other vmtn members. So far Tom has eluded me or I have eluded him one of the two.