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Poor me - F11 key

Posted by karenlaw Feb 17, 2019

I am using my new macbook to install new nested esxi on top current cluster environment. During installation, it requests me to input F11. I stuck there for long time. I wonder if all keys failed and checking a lot on VMRC version, grading VMRC, using different browsers and even trying out booth vSphere web client and html5 client.


Finally, I solved it by holding "fn"+"command"+"F11 on the Touch Bar". What my lovely MacBookPro!


Thanks to vmexplorer post.



Have you started trying Wavefront the metric monitoring tool? There is not much article or blog from Google. I would suggest to start with VMware Hands-on Lab. HOL-1902-01-CMP is a good place to start with. Apart from HOL, I like to test out Wavefront Integrations. Wavefront allows integrating directly from various products. There are step-by-step instructions that is very easy to collect metrics from your source. Moreover, you can modify the pre-defined dashboard and create your own dashboard. Of course, the most important is to learn from built-in Wavefront query language in the beginning.


Once you have an account at Wavefront instance, you can see those Wavefront integrations.


Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 1.13.17 AM.png


Integration with Windows Host is very straight forward. We just need to download wavefront proxy and setup the software with our own token. The next step is to download and install Telegraf Agent. By default, it will point to localhost wavefront proxy. Therefore, there is nothing to change. Once both wavefront proxy and telegraf agent services are started, you can read the dashboard with your windows host metric.


Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 1.17.51 AM.png


In my testing, I would like to use my colleague's token so both of our machines will metrics to same wavefront instance. It is the first step to compare my machine and my colleague's machine by time series. We failed. I modified wavefront.conf and change to token field. Even wavefront proxy service got restarted, metric still sent to my instance. It seems like a bug. There is no resolution from the internet. Finally, I got a help from a wavefront engineer suggesting me to remove "C:\Program Files (x86)\Wavefront\bin.wavefront_id" and get the wavefront proxy service restarted. It works! It's not documented. I have frustrated for days. Finally I got it fix.


Lastly, by changing hostname = "" in telegraf.conf, we can test out multiple sources sending to same wavefront proxy instance. It's really cool!


Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 1.22.50 AM.png