0    Installed a new vmware workstation 15.5.1 on win10 pro, using linux/unbuntu 18.04 guest Trying to get to install the vmware tools (not sure what options I may have selected when I installed the… (Show more)
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Hello comunity,   I am trying to use multiple Monitors on my guest Systems but, in Workstation Pro 15, this function refuses to work. I alsways get this error messeage:   VM is running in full… (Show more)
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Running VMWare Workstation Pro 15 inside a Windows 10 computer.  Was running since 12/7/19.  Today while running, VMWare disappeared from the screen.  I could get it back by going to the Start Menu… (Show more)
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Can anyone explain what this is? This is the background image of a portion of a guest OS I was working with. This happened after I wake the host OS from sleep mode. It does not affect the… (Show more)
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Hi. I can't successfully start Unity mode on my Workstation Pro 15 or VM Player 15.   When I try to go into Unity Mode, I get an error: The virtual machine cannot enter Unity mode.  Check that… (Show more)
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I have a computer that I RDP into that runs the latest version of VMware Workstation (15.1). I just upgraded it from Windows 10 1809 to Windows 10 1903. There is a defect where anytime the mouse… (Show more)
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  First of all, forgive me for using translation software to ask questions because I can't speak English. I'm sorry.   Go straight to the theme: Problem Description: After hanging up, all windows… (Show more)
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Hi,   After updating to VMWare 15.5 and then updating VMWare tools - my machines no longer boot correctly - they boot to a black screen.   I'm greeted with the error:   The virtual machine could… (Show more)
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I've looked all over for a solution to my problem but nobody seems to be having the same issue.   First, some details: I have a Dell XPS 9560, 4k resolution touch screen monitor, 32gb ram,… (Show more)
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Dear community, this is Max from Italy. I am a complete newby in the VMWARE community so I apologise for any possible stupid question. I've did my best to google for a solution or to look within… (Show more)
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