Hello, I upgraded my workstation to latest version 15.5.5. Now I cannot connect to shared VMs on another VM Workstation (V12.9) anymore. The following error message appears (image type forbidden?):… (Show more)
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Just a couple of hours ago, I've updated from 15.5.1 (?) to version 15.5.5 of Workstation Pro. I've been exited about this update, especially being able to use WSL2 on my developer system is a plus.… (Show more)
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Hi,   with version 15.5.5 I have the the following problem in Windows 10 Pro x64 (Guest):   If I start a UWP app, it occurs, that buttons and other controls won't be shown. If I move the mouse over… (Show more)
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Hi   I currently run multiple VM's on my Windows 10 with Vmware Workstation hosting all my lab vm's   After the upgrade to 15.5.5 build-16285975 I cannot click on Cancel Buttons, or make some… (Show more)
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I recently installed windows 10 64 bit on my VMware and installed steam to play Rec Room on, when I first started the audio was perfectly fine, the game looked normal but the mouse and in-game… (Show more)
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I run my linux guests fullscreen.   I use the minimize on the command bar to return to my Windows host.  Using 15.5.2 the mouse cursor now immediately goes to the upper left hand of the Windows… (Show more)
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I have four monitors that each have a resolution of 2560 x 1440. These monitors were originally arranged in a box layout, two on top and two below. In this configuration, my Ubuntu guest virtual… (Show more)
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