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Some August 2015 Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure Cloud Updates

Cloud Services Providers continue to extend their feature, function and capabilities and the following are two examples. Being a customer of both Amazon Web Services (AWS) as well as Microsoft Azure (among others), I receive monthly news updates about service improvements along with new features. Here are a couple of examples involving recent updates from AWS and Azure.

Azure enhancements

Microsoft Azure customer update

Azure Premium Storage generally  available in Japan East

  Solid State Device (SSD) based  Azure Premium Storage is now available in Japan East region. Add up to  32 TB and more than 64,000 IOPs (read operations) per virtual machine  with  Azure Premium Storage. Learn more about Azure storage and pricing here.

Azure Data Factory generally available

Data Factory is a cloud based  data integration service for automated management as well as movement and  transformation of data, learn more and view pricing options here.

AWS Partner Updates

Recent Amazon Web Services (AWS) customer update included the following pertaining to partner storage solutions.

AWS partner updates

AWS Partner Network APN

Learn more about AWS Partner Network (APN) here or click on the above image.

AWS APN competency programs include:

  • Storage
  • Healthcare
  • Life Sciences
  • SAP Solutions
  • Microsoft Solutions
  • Oracle Solutions
  • Marketing and Commerce
  • Big Data
  • Security
  • Digital Media

AWS Partner Network (APN) Solutions for Storage include:

Archiving to AWS Glacier

  • Commvault


  • NetApp (AltaVault)

Backup to AWS using S3

  • CloudBerry Lab
  • Commvault
  • Ctera
  • Druva
  • NetApp (AltaVault)   



Primary Cloud File and NAS storage complementing on-premise  (e.g. your local) storage

  • Avere
  • Ctera
  • NetApp (Cloud OnTap)
  • Panzura
  • SoftNAS
  • Zadara   



Secure File Transfer

  • Aspera
  • Signiant   



Note that the above are those listed on the AWS Storage  Partner Page as of this being published and subject to change. Likewise other  solutions that are not part of the AWS partner program may not be listed.

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Storage I/O trends

What this all means and wrap up

Cloud Service Providers (CSP) continue to enhance their capabilities, as well as their footprints as part of growth. In addition to technology, tools and number of regions, sites and data centers, the CSPs are also expanding their partner networks both about how many partners, also in the scope of those partnerships. Some of these partnerships are in the scope of the cloud as a destination, others are for enabling hybrid where public clouds become an extension complementing traditional IT. Everything is not the same in most environments and one type of cloud approach does not have to suit or fit all needs, hence the value of hybrid cloud deployment and usage.

Ok, nuff said, for now...