How to test your HDD, SSD or all flash array (AFA) storage fundamentals

Storage I/O trends


Over at BizTech Magazine I have a new article4 Ways to Performance-Test Your New HDD or SSDthat provides a quick guide to verifying or learning what the speed characteristic of your new storage device are capable of.


BizTech Magazine


An out-takefrom the articleused by BizTech as a "tease" is:


These four steps will help you evaluate new storage drives. And … psst … we included the metrics that matter.

Building off the basics, server storage I/O benchmark fundamentals


The four basic steps in the article are:

  • Plan what and how you are going to test (what's applicable for you)
  • Decide on a benchmarking tool (learn aboutvarious tools here)
  • Test the test (find bugs, errors before a long running test)
  • Focus on metrics that matter (what's important for your environment)


Server Storage I/O performance

What this means and where to learn more


To some the above (read the full article here) may seem like common sense tips and things everybody should know otoh there are many people who are new to servers storage I/O networking hardware software cloud virtual along with various applications, not to mention different tools.


Thus the above is a refresher for some (e.g. Dejavu) while for others it might be new and revolutionary or simply helpful. Interested in HDD's,SSD'sas well as other server storage I/O performance along with benchmarking tools, techniques and trends check out the collection oflinks here(Server and Storage I/O Benchmarking and Performance Resources).


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