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server storage I/O trends


The following are a list of various articles, tips, post and other resources about server storage I/O performance benchmarking for legacy, virtual, cloud and software defined environments along with associated tools.

server storage I/O performance

The best server and storage I/O (input/output operation) is the one that you do not have to do, the second best is the one with the least impact.


server storage I/O locality of reference


This is where the idea of locality of reference (e.g. how close is the data to where your application is running) comes into play which is implemented via tiered memory, storage and caching shown in the figure above.


Cloud virtual software defined storage I/O
Server storage I/O performance applies to cloud, virtual, software defined and legacy environments


What this has to do with server storage I/O (and networking) performance benchmarking is keeping the idea of locality of reference, context and the application workload in perspective regardless of if cloud, virtual, software defined or legacy physical environments.


StorageIOblog: I/O, I/O how well do you know about good or bad server and storage I/Os?
StorageIOblog: Server and Storage I/O benchmarking 101 for smarties
StorageIOblog: How to test your HDD, SSD or all flash array (AFA) storage fundamentals
BizTech: 4 Ways to Performance-Test Your New HDD or SSD
EnterpriseStorageForum: Data Storage Benchmarking Guide How fast can your SSD run backwards?
OpenStack: How to calculate IOPS for Cinder Storage ?
StorageAcceleration: Tips for Measuring Your Storage Acceleration


server storage I/O STI and SUT

Spiceworks: Determining HDD SSD SSHD IOP Performance
Spiceworks: Calculating IOPS from Perfmon data
Spiceworks: profiling IOPs


vdbench server storage I/O benchmark
Vdbench example via


StorageIOblog: What does server storage I/O scaling mean to you?
StorageIOblog: What is the best kind of IO? The one you do not have to do
StorageAcceleration: What, When, Why & How to Accelerate Storage Various tools and links
StorageIOblog: Can we get a side of context with them IOPS and other storage metrics?


flash ssd and hdd


BrightTalk Webinar: Data Center Monitoring - Metrics that Matter for Effective Management
StorageIOblog: Enterprise SSHD and Flash SSD Part of an Enterprise Tiered Storage Strategy
StorageIOblog: Has SSD put Hard Disk Drives (HDD’s) On Endangered Species List?


server storage I/O bottlenecks and I/O blender


Microsoft TechNet: Measuring Disk Latency with Windows Performance Monitor (Perfmon)
Microsoft MSDN: List of Perfmon counters for sql server
Microsoft TechNet: Taking Your Server's Pulse
StorageIOblog: Part II: How many IOPS can a HDD, HHDD or SSD do with VMware?
CMG: I/O Performance Issues and Impacts on Time-Sensitive Applications


flash ssd and hdd


Virtualization Practice: IO IO it is off to Storage and IO metrics we go
InfoStor: Is HP Short Stroking for Performance and Capacity Gains?
StorageIOblog: Is Computer Data Storage Complex? It Depends
StorageIOblog: More storage and IO metrics that matter
StorageIOblog: Moving Beyond the Benchmark Brouhaha
Yellow-Bricks: VSAN VDI Benchmarking and Beta refresh!
   server storage I/O benchmark example
YellowBricks: VSAN performance: many SAS low capacity VS some SATA high capacity?
YellowBricsk: VSAN VDI Benchmarking and Beta refresh!
StorageIOblog: Seagate 1200 12Gbs Enterprise SAS SSD StorgeIO lab review
StorageIOblog: Part II: Seagate 1200 12Gbs Enterprise SAS SSD StorgeIO lab review
StorageIOblog: Server Storage I/O Network Benchmark Winter Olympic Games


flash ssd and hdd


VMware VDImark aka View Planner (also here, here and here) as well as  VMmark here
StorageIOblog: SPC and Storage Benchmarking Games
StorageIOblog: Speaking of speeding up business with SSD storage
StorageIOblog: SSD and Storage System Performance
  Hadoop server storage I/O performance
  Various Server Storage I/O tools in a hadoop environment Benchmarking and Stress Testing an Hadoop Cluster With TeraSort, TestDFSIO
  Virtualization Practice: SSD options for Virtual (and Physical) Environments Part I: Spinning up to speed on SSD
  StorageIOblog: Storage and IO metrics that matter
  InfoStor: Storage Metrics and Measurements That Matter: Getting Started
  SilvertonConsulting: Storage throughput vs. IO response time and why it matters
  Splunk: The percentage of Read / Write utilization to get to 800 IOPS?
  flash ssd and hdd
  Various server storage I/O benchmarking tools
  Spiceworks: What is the best IO IOPs testing tool out there
  StorageIOblog: How many IOPS can a HDD, HHDD or SSD do?
  StorageIOblog: Some Windows Server Storage I/O related commands
  Openmaniak: Iperf overview and Iperf overview
  StorageIOblog: Server and Storage I/O Benchmark Tools: Microsoft Diskspd (Part I and Part II)
  Dell/Quest: SQL Server Perfmon Poster (PDF)
  Server and Storage I/O Networking Performance Management (webinar)
  Data Center Monitoring - Metrics that Matter for Effective Management (webinar)
  Flash back to reality – Flash SSD Myths and Realities (Industry trends & benchmarking tips), (MSP CMG presentation)
  DBAstackexchange: How can I determine how many IOPs I need for my AWS RDS database?
  ITToolbox: Benchmarking the Performance of SANs
  server storage IO labs
  StorageIOblog: Dell Inspiron 660 i660, Virtual Server Diamond in the rough (Server review)
  StorageIOblog: Part II: Lenovo TS140 Server and Storage I/O Review (Server review)
  StorageIOblog: DIY converged server software defined storage on a budget using Lenovo TS140
  StorageIOblog: Server storage I/O Intel NUC nick knack notes First impressions (Server review)
  StorageIOblog & ITKE: Storage performance needs availability, availability needs performance
  StorageIOblog: Why SSD based arrays and storage appliances can be a good idea (Part I)
  StorageIOblog: Revisiting RAID storage remains relevant and resources


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